About Us

Louis Rondeau
“As a third-generation motorcyclist, I grew up knowing that one day I would own one… or eight. I spent some time in the corporate world with an office job, but staring at a computer for 10+ hours a day eventually rekindled my passion for working with my hands, and I knew it was time for a change. My other passions include building things, wrenching, and helping people. I also love adventures and getting lost, whether it’s by flight, cage, foot, boat, or on two-wheels. I’m excited for Moto 49 to showcase a different type of “biker” stereotype by building and supporting a community of great people who love their city and support local socially and environmentally conscious businesses, contributing to the city’s growth and success.”

Robyn Dyck
“I love to travel, so riding a motorcycle seemed like an obvious way to bring the adventure of travel into my daily life. Being a female rider gives me a confidence that I wouldn’t normally have – I feel empowered on a bike, where anything is possible.
The motorcycle community is so underrated – riders raise money hand over fist for others in their community, just happy for every and any excuse to get on a motorcycle and use that to give back. It is in this same spirit of generosity that Moto 49 gives back to those in need. We have been so fortunate in our lives to have so much opportunity and support, and now we want to spread the equity and lift up those around us, breaking stereotypes and barriers.”

How we got here.
We were first introduced to the idea of a community motorcycle garage through social media, and on a visit to Minneapolis, we connected with
The Moto Collective. The community we saw here reminded us of evenings spent in friends’ garages, hanging out and enjoying both company and advice while working on different projects.
Back home, as we began to reach out, we heard that a shared motorcycle garage has been on the minds of many in the Winnipeg motorcycle community for decades. It's not a new idea and it’s not our idea; our vision is one that is adapted from many, including community garages in other cities that we’ve been lucky enough to visit. Now, it’s time for Winnipeg motorcyclists to have a space to come together to celebrate the resurgence of motorcycling, build our community, and change the stereotypes around moto culture.