January 12, 2024

Essential Ways for Motorcycle Riders to Beat Winter Blas

By Robyn Dyck
The Moto Social Winnipeg Community hang out!

Ah, Winnipeg winters – the gift that keeps on giving. Currently, the temperature is a crisp -24 degrees Celsius, but wait, it feels like a delightful -33. As a rider, sometimes the sweet caress of winter makes us question our life choices and the sanity of living in a place where breathing can be considered a sport.

But fear not, dear motorcycling comrades! Moto 49 has a cunning plan to keep our Winnipeg riding community from hibernating like bears in winter. We're here to make sure you're thinking about riding your motorcycles year-round, even when the air hurts your face.

Picture this: a bunch of frozen souls huddled in Moto 49's lair, sipping on Louis' legendary cappuccinos, because, let's face it, the only thing that can warm our spirits is a cup of coffee that's practically a work of art. As we sit around, avoiding
frostbite, we engage in deep conversations about all things moto!

Moto 49 hang outs
Now, you might be wondering, what could possibly keep a bunch of bikers entertained when their beloved two-wheeled beasts are tucked away for the winter? Well, the answer is simple – podcasts and YouTube channels, my friends. Jon and Dan, two brave souls who dare to defy the cold, recently sparked a discussion about their favorite audio and visual escapes from winter-induced boredom.

As we take this involuntary break from the thrill of riding, why not use the time wisely? Learn new riding techniques, explore the latest gear, and discover routes that will make your next riding season epic. I mean, our summer is so short that we barely have time to contemplate life. We just ride, damn it!

To get you through this season of frozen despair, here are some recommendations straight from the frostbitten minds of Moto 49:

**John's Podcast Recommendations:** 

 Clevland Moto
Motorcycle and Misfits Podcast
Adventure Rider Radio 

**Dan's YouTube Recommendations:** 
Moto Jitsui/Fast Eddie
Ride like a Pro
MC Rider

**Louis' Podcast and YouTube Recommendations:** 
Big MX Radio
Once Upon a Podcast
Save The Rust

Let's band together, Winnipeg moto community, and survive this non-riding season with our sanity intact. Share your favorite moto podcasts, YouTube channels, or any resources that help you pretend it's not colder than the Arctic out there. After all, a biker's spirit is as indomitable as the stubbornness of winter itself!

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