Moto 49 is our vision for a garage and lifestyle hub in Winnipeg, created for a new kind of motorcycle enthusiast. Just good vibes, great coffee, and new friends in a welcoming space for anyone and everyone who loves moto culture, where riderswho live for that view of the world that only comes from the seat of a bike can swap both knowledge and stories.

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Wednesday - Friday: 12pm - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm

From the Blog:

  • Membership based do-it-yourself garage

    Member truing a motorcycle wheel
    What is easily missed is what you actually get that is beyond any monetary amount; the place of belonging. The moto enthusiasts you meet, the moto expertise you unlock, is invaluable. This is where they all congregate. They chat, talk about their own bike builds, exchange ideas and encouraging words. Yes, it may mean sometimes you are distracted from actually getting any work done on your bike. But when you finally get to the work, it is magical.
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