Motorcycle Tourism in Winnipeg:
Moto 49 Guest blog on Tourism Winnipeg

May 19, 2021

It’s here in Winnipeg, the world’s biggest small town, where riders on a variety of bikes, such as touring, sport, dual purpose and classic, forge a strong sense of community by coveting their short ride season...  

Motorcycle meet up at Moto 49, a DIY motorcycle garage and lifestyle hub in Winnipeg


Megan Mckay's CBC interview about the Moto 49 'Ladies and LGTBQ+2 safe space Tech Nights' with Ismaila Alfa on Up to Speed


Women's Tech Nights at Moto 49:
Winnipeg's Motorcycle scene aims for inclusivity 

Katlyn Streilein at the Projector at Red River Collegiate.
Oct 6, 2020 

A local motorcycle garage and hangout is working to diversify the typically male-dominated field.

Moto 49’s Women’s Tech Nights are creating a space for women, queer, trans, and non-binary riders to talk shop and hone their mechanical skills....

Megan McKay has been leading the Womxn’s Tech Nights for over a year. Many riders will tune-up their bikes throughout the winter to get ready for next season.


Women on wheels: How Husqvarna Motorcycles is putting women’s hands on the throttle
Nov, 2019

One of those values is our passion for inclusivity and a welcoming attitude in motorcycling; we genuinely love motorcycling ourselves, and we really want to see more people sharing in the adventure and fun...



Women Riders World relay Canada - The Movie
Part 1

Women Riders World relay Canada - The Movie
Part 2



Bikers empowered by motorcycle meetups, want to squash stigma - CBC

July, 2019 

A pair of female bikers are hoping a large, friendly gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in Winnipeg will help combat the stigma around who bikers are, and the dangers associated with the machines...