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Do maintenance and modifications, rebuilds, tire changes, wheel building, and static balancing in a clean, well-lit, and heated space. Our DIY garage is fully stocked with basic hand tools and lifts, engine and carb tools, and a selection of specialty tools. On top of all that, you get the added bonus of a community of riders sharing advice and experience.

Our tools and work stations.
We stock imperial, metric, and more based on demand. Members can book a station for as little as 1 hour or as long as a full day, and each station comes with a 1500 lb Motorcycle Lift and workbench, a set of basic hand tools, and access to our stock of specialty tools

Basic Tools
Wrenches / Socket set / Screwdrivers / Pliers / Hammers / Punches

Specialty Tools
Parts Washer / Ultrasonic Cleaner / Torque wrenches / Chain breaker & Riveter / Carb Sync and adjustment tools / JIS and Impact Drivers / Fork Seal Drivers / Valve Spring Compressor / Compression tester / Voltmeter, ohmeter and ammeter / Wheel balancing & truing stand / Fork oil level gauge / Fuel pressure tester / Battery charger

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1. Read the Terms and Waiver
2. Sign up for an account here to book a lift online,
3. Come in for your booked time and we’ll have some paperwork for you, and you can pay for the membership of your choice.
4. We’ll give you the tour and tell you everything you need to know to work on your bike.
5. After you’re finished your wrenching for the day you can pay for your lift time used (if you are not a Builder Member) and grab a coffee while chatting up other riders!