March 24, 2024

Membership based do-it-yourself garage

By Robyn Dyck
Member truing a motorcycle wheel

The bread and butter of Moto 49, of course deserves the first feature of what we're all about.

Sure, by buying a membership you get access to our heated space, all the tools you need to work on your bike and the nifty back-saving pneumatic bike lifts. You also get discounts on parts, mechanic services, events and merch. You can read the deets about that on our Membership page.

What is easily missed is what you actually get that is beyond any monetary amount; the place of belonging. The moto enthusiasts you meet, the moto expertise you unlock, is invaluable. This is where they all congregate. They chat, talk about their own bike builds, exchange ideas and encouraging words. Yes, it may mean sometimes you are distracted from actually getting any work done on your bike. But when you finally get to the work, it is magical.

Member events

Here are some of the current projects going on in the shop that may interest you enough to join the party!

Alan is modifying his Ducati Sport Classic; new exhaust, gauges, new seat and ... He connected with Adrian who ran our February Tech Night on Vinyl Wrapping for help on wrapping his bike.     

Ducati Sport Classic

Ryan is working on his CX500. We traced down a break in the ignition wire, and some cdi issues. Ryan fabricated an electronics tray and will be mounting a rear fender and custom seat.

Jim is working on his 1975 BMW R90S, Motogadget goodies, big brake kit, and suspension work will make this vintage bike a blast to ride.

BMW Wheel

Louis is working on: Vince's CB750 Super Sport, Albert's CB350, and Brett's CB550SC Nighthawk.


Members have bikes that range from Hondas to Triumphs, Ducatis to Suzukis. They are always around doing routine maintenance, personal customization's and endurance day long bike improvement sessions. This is the moto co-working space you've always dreamed of; work bench covered in oil and random spare screws, bins heavy with parts and rolling trays covered in manuals and grimy gloves, complete with welcoming and experienced members who are always willing to lend a hand to new folks wanting to join in. 

Get your membership and get your bike ride ready for ride season the Moto 49 way - the rad way!  

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