Kester Performance Carb Kit for Honda CB550 Four (K1-K2) FH-5171N

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Keyster's Carburetor Tune-Up Kit includes almost all the parts needed to repair or adjust your carburetor. Needle valves, idle screws (air screws), float chamber gaskets, etc. The best feature of this kit is the wide variety of jets and needles. There are 3 sizes of pilot jets, 6 sizes of main jets and 4 sizes of jet needles.
The rubber needle valve is made of "AA Needle" which is a much superior needle then stock.

The instruction manual included maybe written in Japanese.

Kit includes:
- float chamber gasket
- float needle and valve seat
- main jet (6 sizes:#95 #97 #100 #103 #107 #112)
- pilot jet (3 sizes:#37 #38 #43)
- jet needle (4 sizes:S/L/R/RR)
- "e" clip
- needle jet
- pilot screw
- spring
- o-ring
- top cover gasket
- drain screw

One Kit fixes one carb, price is for one kit


1974-1975 Honda CB550 Four (K1-K2)