Common-Motor CB450/500T Gemini Ignition Condenser

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Part: Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 Gemini Ignition Condenser Kit
Replaces OEM Part:30280-292-672, 30280-292-671, 30280-292-672, 30250-369-004, 30250-369-003, 30280-371-000
Why You Need This: The condenser is the most frequent culprit in the hunt to get your Honda CB350, CB360, CB450 ignition system running in tip-top shape. While it is not a "moving part" on your motorcycle, the condenser is a regularly replaced component that tends to go bad with use and time. The factory condenser on your CB350, CB360, CB450 is a very particular part in that it is a really two condensers (one condenser per set of points) that are welded back to back on a single shared bracket. This setup means if only one of the two sides fails (which is most often the case), you have to replace the entire assembly. This style condenser becomes less than convenient on a road trip, especially with no spares in hand (bet you can guess how we know).
Thus Common-Motor created the Gemini, a mounting bracket that uses two common off the shelf automotive (GM Delco) condensers that mount independently of one another for easy replacement. The condensers for the Gemini come from a General Motors distributor used for decades on millions of cars in the U.S. from the '50s through the '70s and are still available. Most auto parts stores stock these condensers, should you need to get a replacement. Just ask for a condenser that fits a 1972 Chevrolet El Camino with a 350 V8 engine, and you will get the right part in hand. With the Gemini, each condenser is independent of one another so you can replace them as needed. Better yet, the Gemini bolts exactly to the stock condenser mounting location on your CB or CL scrambler without any modification.
Gemini Ignition Condenser Kit Upgrade Includes:
  • Gemini Condenser Bracket x 1
  • Gemini Ignition Condensers x 4 (2 for now & 2 for later)
  • Red Posi Locks x 2
  • Allen bolts, Flat Washers, Lock Washers & Bolts x 2
  • Mini Zip-ties x 4
Installation Tip: The condenser's job is to keep the ignition coil charged under high speed and to keep the points from wearing out prematurely. Signs of a bad condenser are burnt points that don't last very long (a few hundred miles) before they need replacement. Also, a failing condenser allows the bike to idle OK but may keep it from revving very high, that is, your engine seems to cut out at a random RPM and stay there.
Depending on the setup of your bike from the factory, the routing of the condenser wires to the ignition coil may need to be re-routed. A quick test to see if a condenser is failing is to watch the ignition points at idle speed on the bike in a dark place. If you see a bright spark at the points every time they open, then the condenser is failing. However, a small spark every few seconds is acceptable.

Refer to the Common-Motor installation video for instructions on how to install your new Gemini:

This Gemini Ignition Condenser Kit Upgrade Fits These Honda Motorcycles
1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977
CB450K0 CB450K0 CB450K0 CB450K1 CB450K2 CB450K3 CB450K4 CB450K5 CB450K6 CB450K7 CB500T CB500T
CL450K0 CL450K1 CL450K2 CL450K3 CL450K4 CL450K5 CL450K5 CL450K6
350 CB350K0 CB350K1 CB350K2 CB350K3 CB350K4 CB350K5
CL350K0 CL350K1 CL350K2 CL350K3 CL350K4 CL350K5
SL350K0 SL350K0 SL350K1 SL350K2 SL350K2
360 CB360G CB360T CB360T
CL360K0 CL360K1 CJ360T CJ360T