Cyclops 10.0 H4 LED Bulb

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The Cyclops H4 Bulb

Do not be fooled by the imitators!

Cyclops LED headlight bulbs are now available in the original version or the Ultra version. Our original h4 bulbs use the front two emitters for low beam and then switches to the rear two emitters for high beam. The Ultra uses the front two emitters for low beam and then runs all 4 emitters on high beam at a reduced wattage. wattage is 38 watts on low and 38 watts on high.
By far the best LED headlight bulb Cyclops has ever offered. Superior lighting. We have taken all that has been learned over the years about lights and rolled that into our latest 10th gen bulbs. This bulb uses 4 cree XHP 50 emitters capable of more than 2500 lumens each. The brightest Cyclops H4 bulbs.
- All new metal construction for bases and collars. 
- Better thermal efficiency 
- Better beam pattern differential between high and low beams. 
- 5600k
- Chips are 38 watts, drivers run at 28 watts, bulb pulls 28 watts total
- Removable metal base plate for easy install.
- Screw on connectors at driver
- Standard H4 connector
- High / Low Beams

Cyclops 10.0 H4 LED Headlight Bulb

The Cyclops H4 headlight bulbs beat the competition hands down. Cyclops has spent a decade designing, testing and optimizing this radically effective headlight and it is the best on the market. Our top-performing setup. This Cyclops LED lights technology is TUV and E13 certified. Our bulbs are 38 watt halogens with better thermal efficiency than others on the market. It has a removable metal base plate, so is easy to install, and works on a standard connector. Our superior headlight bulbs provide crisp low beam light cutoff patterns and high performance high beam lights. The Cyclops H4 uses a 4 cree XHP 50 emitters capable of +2500 lumens. A superior motorcycle or automotive lighting setup. Our bulbs run clean and have high output, keeping you safer in rain, sleet, and fog.

H4 LED Bulb

Cyclops offers the best H4 bulbs on the market. Our bulbs provide for fun night rides and superior daytime safety. Cyclops H4s do it all. A Cyclops H4 is engineered for ultimate style, halogen reflector compatibility, and durability in on or off road conditions. Made with top grade materials for superior performance, this light is easy to install, has a rugged design and will last a fair amount of time. Unlike HID H4 bulbs, The Cyclops H4 is a direct connection to your stock lighting plug. Our H4 bulbs runs off 12v DC power systems, letting you easily update your bike. If you want superior motorcycle bulbs look no further. Check out the Cyclops H4 today.