March 01, 2024

Welcome to Moto 49 - Year 5!

By Robyn Dyck
Welcome to Moto 49 - Year 5!

Our doors have been open for almost 5 years. It's been a tough slog, to say the least. Louis and I are not entrepreneurs, we are moto enthusiasts. We love everything motorcycle; riding, trips, gear, but mostly, the community. We opened this shop simply as a way to bring people together. More than half the time we've been open, it hasn't been safe to gather in groups. But this space, this shop, we opened is for you, the Winnipeg riding community. And we want to be around to see your bike dreams come to fruition. 

We thought this was a good opportunity to reintroduce ourselves and share our hopes and dreams for this shop. 

Moto 49 is the go-to destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether you need a lift to do tune-ups or repairs, you need to learn about how to work on your bike or you just want to meet more folks who are just as motorcycles obsessed as you (over a good cup of coffee), Moto 49 has got you covered. Below is a quick summary of all our current services. Then in some follow up posts I'll do a deeper dive into each one individually. Read on to learn more about what you can find at Moto 49 and how to get involved in the community.

1. Membership based do-it-yourself garage

When your beloved bike is in need of some TLC, from regular maintenance to a top end rebuild, Moto 49 is here to help. We have all the tools and heated space to get your motorcycle back on the road. We have 2 pneumatic lifts for those back breaking jobs. We have 2 full sets of tools per lift. And of course Louis and the rotating regulars are here to help you do any job! If you need a space to store your bike, whether for the night or over the winter, we've got you covered for that too. A full list of our tools, memberships prices and inclusions are at the link here

2. Motorcycle parts from tons of suppliers

We know that to keep your bike running well, and to make sure you're not stranded on the side of the road, you need the right, high quality parts. We have suppliers that even have parts for those old vintage 1970's Hondas, Triumphs, Suzukis and Kawasakis. If you're looking for high end aftermarket motogadget for streamlining electronics, we are one of the only dealers in western Canada. But we also have the every day tires, gaskets, carbs, etc. Ordering from us means you won't accidentally order the wrong size; you get Louis' invaluable time and expertise with every purchase! Click here for the full list of suppliers.

3. Cafe

There is only one thing we love almost as much as motorcycles; COFFEE. We love a good cappuccino, anytime of day from morning until night. We currently have drip and espresso from Flatland Coffee Roasters. We bring in La Belle Bagette pastries (usually daily) which is a great bakery just around the corner from us in St. Boniface. This space is meant for events, for connection, for the Moto community to chat, meet other riders and make riding plans.  

4. Tech nights and events

Based on member/community requests, we currently run two tech nights each month; one open to anyone and one specifically for the women, non-binary, trans and queer riding community! We host workshops on how to change your brakes, test ignition systems, top end measuring, fork seal replacements, vinyl wrapping and many more topics. These are even sometimes run by others in the Winnipeg Moto community! What better way to learn than from each other! In the summer we run rides. We have Moto movie nights, fundraisers and pop ups!  

5. Motorcycle technician: repairs and one-on-ones

It has been said that we are the "buffet" of motorcycle shops. We have the option to do your own work, but we also have a technician that can do one-on-one sessions to help you get started working on your own bike. If it's a big job you just don't have the time or expertise for, our mechanic can do the work for you! Choose your own Moto adventure!

We hope you read something that piques your interest enough to stop by one day and check us out! 

Ride season is almost here! Can't wait to ride with you!

Robyn and Louis


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