Buffalo Moto Gloves - The Warrior

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The darker two-tone version of the gloves that started it all. Hand-made, hand-stitched, prairie-grazed, bison-leather gloves that inspired the Buffalo Moto concept. Made with 100% bison hide; raised sustainably in the Canadian prairies.

These ultra-soft, two-tone gloves are the ultimate protection for casual riders to moto-enthusiasts. They are made with 100% bison hide and manufactured one-by-one in a small community in Southern Manitoba. Made to handle wind, rain, and gnats, these gloves will keep your hands protected through it all. Battle on, friends.

*Because of the handmade nature of the gloves, some leeching of colour can occur upon first encounter with rain/water. We suggest waterproofing at home if you plan to ride through large amounts of rain.