Moto 49 Lightning T-shirt

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Fast as Lightning! 

Lightning bolts have been used in racing for decades. From the lightning bolts on the infamous Bob Hanna’s helmets to Kawasaki’s world record bike, “Lightning bolt”, piloted by the world's fastest woman.

Living on the Prairies, we always love a good thunderstorm. And if you didn’t already know, Robyn’s passion from a young age has been thunderstorms: 

“Motorcycling is a completely immersive method to not only observe but to experience the environment and the weather around you. A ride across the prairies seeing the cumulus clouds develop around me, reminds me of my love of weather and why I ride!”

Along with the name Moto 49, the degree latitude of our city, this design represents our love of our community and our home.

Local Local Local was our goal with this one. The design was brought to life by Chez Koop in Steinbach Mb. The printing was completed by Stoke Screen Printing in Winnipeg, Mb.. And the shirts are provided by Jerico, which is knit, dyed, cut and sewn all on Canadian soil. 100% Ring Spun Cotton T-Shirt and the softest 100% cotton t-shirt on the market.